Put Water Where It Counts

Hydration is probably the second most important factor (blood glucose being first) in effecting the pep in your step. In other words, if you want to feel good, know how to stay hydrated. Drinking water is important, but did you know that what you eat can drastically effect how well you absorb it?

Athletes who expend alot of water, for example, distance cyclists, runners, or swimmers, train their bodies for more than just endurance. They also train their bodies to store water well. Part of becoming  efficient at running is being able to store more of the nutrients  necessary for manufacturing energy.

A good athlete learns to drink water before, during, and even after a long workout. They become better in tune with symptoms of feeling dehydrated.

Many of the rest of us walk around every day, all day long, in a constant  state of dehydration, which not only effects our overall healthy, but also effects how good we feel.

Which is why, when Greg asked a question about hydration, I felt it was important to post, not just for the athletes out there, but for all of us who want to feel good.

When Greg started The Fifty Day Challenge he asked:

I do feel a lot better and the eating pattern real does not seem like a diet so I think it will be easy to stick to. One question I have is I have noticed that my thirst level really changed. I have to drink water all day long to stay hydrated. It seems I’m always thirsty. Is this typical?

Yes Greg,

Soluble fiber in starches soaks up water like a sponge. It hold water from your food. When the fiber gets to your lower intestine, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream, like squeezing out the sponge. That’s your main system for hydration.

When you make the transition of eating less soluble and more in soluble fiber it’ll take a few days for your body to adjust. in fact, you might find yourself using the bathroom more for a few days.

Hopefully, after three days or so, you’re finding yourself staying better hydrated and using the bathroom no more than every two hours. 

If you find yourself needing a little more water, another glass should do the trick.


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