The 50-Day Challenge at Aligned Fitness & Pilates

What is The 50-Day Challenge?

The 50-Day Challenge is a series of ten 5-day challenges. It is designed to teach you a balanced lifestyle and a balanced diet that can be easily sustained for a lifetime of good health.

How do I start?

First, register for The Challenge. Once you register, we will schedule you for a body composition test. This is how we’ll discover what your metabolism needs with a the body composition test and metabolic measurement, followed by a class that explains what that means and how you use that information for your health and diet.

What’s next?

You’ll receive emails every day, a little tidbit that explains the most current nutrition science and tips to help you achieve eating healthy every day.

What if I need more support?

Every workout at Aligned Fitness & Pilates is an opportunity to ask questions about your challenge that week. You can email us any questions you have, or ask questions through our blog. The blog will also post tips and share participants successes and experiences.

What is the point of participating in this challenge?

Nutrition is a paramount aspect of your lifestyle and at The Pilates Place, we don’t just care about your athletic physique; we want you to FEEL better, MOVE with ease, and reduce metabolic disease. When you strive for those things, that’s when the athletic physique will happen.

…AND you get one of our 50-Day Challenge t-shirts or tanks to show off your new physique!

Click here to register.

Click here to read more about our studio.


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