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Got a story to share about your experience with the 50-Day Challenge? Post it here! Just write it in the reply section.


2 thoughts on “Share your story

  1. i am the Chocolate Kiss queen! I love to eat one chocolate kiss everyday after lunch. 🙂 Monday and Tuesday were very difficult. I think I ate a 1/2 bag of carrots and hand fulls of pecans. By today I am much better. God even tested me today. Someone brought in 2 boxes of Crispy Creme Doughnuts and left them at my desk as a Happy Friday! Aw, what a nice guy!! I am happy to so say I did not have one and it was OK, but I did pretend my pecans were coated in Maple!! Hehe!! Hope everyone’s detoxing is working as well for them as it is for me. Thanks Lori and Georgia

  2. Feeling really sluggish this morning after a poor night’s sleep. I DON’T like feeling like this! It’s going to be a bit of a struggle this morning, but I’ve started the 50-Day Challenge from the top, as of today. Had a good breakfast (1 leftover chicken thigh – shredded, 3 cups fresh spinach leaves, 2 eggs, all cooked in chicken fat rendered from a pasture-raised chicken…YUM!!!), and drank my coffee over ice with whole milk (no sweetener). I drank two glasses of water. And in 10 minutes, I’m participating in Pilates class. ROAR!!! Well…meow.

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